Today Work

Today work was a hassle, I woke up around 5:00 am and I was dosing out in the bathroom while watching the sunrise through the window, I felt I need to sleep a bit more but in the same time I know it is morning and I should work, gosh, will work we should do.

So I made a what to do plan as usual, I need to empty the living room trash bag and I wanna make something to eat, I am going to have a plastic plate, break 4 eggs and put it there, put some salt and throw the egg shells to the trash bag before I take it out so I hit two birds with one stone, get some drink in the way and vacuum the left side of my sofa (which I still didn't do), find something to watch on YouTube (usually a play list) while the eggs cold down,  run it and eat, than have my drink ( I made tea this time and grab a diet soda with it) and see my scheduled what u should start with, whenever I am ready I start my timer and start working, usually 6 hours a day but for minimum it should be at least 3.

Not sure why I am typing all of this, but I usually do similar kind of planning when I wake up every day, and I really get angry to be honest when something go wrong or someone comes with urgency and ask for my time and break the rhythm.

Glad nothing went wrong, except (here we go again) actually I got dizzy at around 7 am, so I took a break, took a nap for an hour and came back to work, after working for another 2 hours my nose started bleeding, I bleed a lot actually, not sure if it is because I haven't code for a week in the game engine and I am forcing myself while I am feeling dizzy, or it is because how many times ProJared got damage and lost his powers up or died while playing "The Legend of The Mystical Ninja"! Man that game is hard and annoying as hell, it drove me crazy even though I was working and just listing to him and turn my head from time to time and take a peek on the video. After the nose bleed I took another break and then worked, break work, break work, and finally at 9 PM I am done! damn ... all of that and I counted it only 7 hours <_<; you see, whenever I am on the chair and work as coding or design I only count that time as work, it is some kind of encouragement to do well at work, but I done really well, I finished half of the tasks of 4 days of works, it means I done work for 2 days! Hopefully tomorrow I won't hang over ... ohh wait; I have my weekend break tomorrow! Yayyy .... Can I work at them instead???