The Background i created for my Livecode.TV channel, it is an ammature work but i like it
"Castle" or Castle 1, one of my most successful games i made in 2001 before TD games were a thing
Technically my first game with mechanics and code, it called Aim in Arabic or "تصويب"
A Boss in "Castle 2", he was the second most difficult one.
"Far Away" is the game name, an attempt to make shoot-them-up scroller, or whatever you call the genre.
First and only boss in "War2", its AI was ..... special and unique ....
"Frogger" is my second made game, i still have a working copy of it, wonder if i should upload it here, but the control is damn horrible and when you lose the game close because i didn't know how to reset the game programmitcaly.
A shop NPC in "DeaTHunder"
A Rival NPC in "DeaTHunder" my Epic robots war game, which unfortunately after all the work i put on i decided to kill the project because the lack of my data management, in the code i needed to add around 2k of lines for a single simple rival NP, i had only made 3 of them, one of them working fully, the NPCs have relationships data for different players like how much they know the player and if they like/dislike and respect/disrespect them, stats data (how many times they lost and won against players) and event data,  and skills maturate rate and more like medals and stuff. it was a huge game with zero data management, it was still better than castle 2.
"Crazy UFO" a simple game where a UFO moves in one direction and when you click on him he change his direaction angle randomly, you need to keep him in the page as long as possible.

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