First Post! Welcome

So this is my forth day trying to make this website working, i kinda give up on finding a better page editors and going to use this one.

there are still things i wanna find like a nice, not broken, image slider for the home page, a way to manage posts on the front end, and testing the shop, making a product for a sale and let few people try to buy them and see.

i wonder if someone bought something if they can download it again or download upgrades if i am going to sell my product in here, or even download the update from the game itself, we will see about that.

other stuff that i am worried about is the theme, for the love of God couldn't change it to how it should look like, i am still a noob with this wordpress, it suppose to be easy to use ... right >_>;

another thing i need to do is to make the website support English\Arabic, i fear when i do that i need to make two posts for each post and to make for each product a page for each too <_<;