So there will be Zanga Contest this year!

Finally GameZanga announced their Game Jam, usually they hold it at Sep 2-4 but this year for some reason they delayed it to Sep 22-24, i thought they canceled it or something, but i am kinda glad they will hold it, i guess i will change my scheduled again so i can participate in it.

so if you are not familiar what is a game-jam than welcome to the club! it is a contest where people need to create a game in a very short time, Zanga is only two days <_<; most people use some kind of engines to make their games, and guess who is working on a 2d game engine? yes, i will try to finish some important stuff on the fly so i can participate and hope i will score a high rank.

GameZanga has a game theme every year like “Freedom” or “Illusion” i believe they mean like Pony Island. they announce that at the midnight first day of the contest <_<; that’s mean u have only 48 hours to read their theme, think about it, design code and test in only 48 hours. in my case i need to add some needed parts to the game engine too, so i might not do well but it will serve as a good motivation to work on my game engine and see something finally working on it