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The Zanga War 7 is Over!!!

So Zanga mess was over! The first time I ever heard about ZangaGames was the last year just before it started like by 1-2 weeks, at that time I barely finished with my ActionCondition system, what is that you say???

No rest for the wicked!

Two days ago I decided to do something cool! Let’s build up a Docking System for my GUI! A Docking System you say? What do you meeeeeean? Well … imagine I wana design the game interface for the user and

Perfect work day? or pushing the rock?

It has been four days since my last stream, what happen you wonder and came to check my blogs? well thanks for checking by! You see, every week I work from Sunday to Thursday, and have two weekend days. I

Another come back! another overwork!

It has been a month for the last time i stream my work, in August you already know (hopefully) i spent around a week to build this website and learn how WordPress works, but what you don’t know (hopefully!) i

Today Work

Today work was a hassle, I woke up around 5:00 am and I was dosing out in the bathroom while watching the sunrise through the window, I felt I need to sleep a bit more but in the same time

So there will be Zanga Contest this year!

Finally GameZanga announced their Game Jam, usually they hold it at Sep 2-4 but this year for some reason they delayed it to Sep 22-24, i thought they canceled it or something, but i am kinda glad they will hold

First Post! Welcome

So this is my forth day trying to make this website working, i kinda give up on finding a better page editors and going to use this one. there are still things i wanna find like a nice, not broken,