Another come back! another overwork!

It has been a month for the last time i stream my work, in August you already know (hopefully) i spent around a week to build this website and learn how WordPress works, but what you don't know (hopefully!) i spent the other three weeks working on designing, coding, testing the inventory system and hitting my head to the wall. well not all the 3 weeks, the last three days were a drag, i worked like total of 3 hours in them, i was dragging my feet but hey today work was splendid, i start working at 8 am and finished at 3:15 PM, damn feel great.

so for summery of my work i started it by testing if the items are drawn on the map in the game engine first which was my work of the last three days, than i start planing how to do the Items Groups, the idea is each game treat its items in a different way, so i added something called Item Groups, each game can define as many of those as it wants, then the Game will have in somehow to tell the Game Engine how does it let it deal with the items, who can take the items? can the enmeies do that? what about allies? can the player take them or use them? and how? when should the game check if the item is taken or not? some games u need to click on the items by the mouse, some you need to move the player to the items, some you have to press a button or a combination of buttons to take the item when the character is on it.

What makes my Inventory system more spicy is i have 4 entities that can be treated as items, but they are different classes (normal item, Weapon, Object, and bag), and each hold most their data in their Class class (the blue print: ItemClass, WeaponClass, ObjectClass, BagClass) to keep the memory usage as low as possible, i mean u don't wana make each item have all the code what does it do when u use it or try to take it, do u? the other issue is you can't just use the interface of the items to clone and delete the items because they are saved in different places <_<;

Yes, i have done good part of the inventory system but it is yet not done, i need to do the GUI part for the bag and add tons of info in the game file, and add some additional customization data choices in MapSimulator for different parts like giving and creating creatures with bags. and latter on i need to add more complex bags that hold several smaller bags and manage the items into them. i can go into details about that or you can check the videos of my work on my Youtube channel.