Programing Concepts

Programing Intro

This page will list some common concept that you would hear and use a lot in programing, if you just start learning then don’t worry if you can’t get these concepts right away, i recommend for first timers to read the first section and maybe the second one. you can use this page as a reference and return anytime to review these concepts. enjoy your reading 😀



Programmers Types

Programing phases

When you start to program you will enter several phases, and each of them has its own rules.

Programing Time Phases

Programing Language

so, are all programing languages the same? simple answer … no! the language it self can be either high level or low level, high level languages have four different natures: declarative, imperative, functional and logical. these language can support some concepts like object oriented. each language has two things syntax and semantics. lets discus each of those things.

Languages Types

Some elements in programing languages

you might hear these concepts quite often when you deal with languages

Programing Languages Elements

Exceptions Handling

Exceptions Handling



Design Pattern

Compiler Parts